If you have been wondering what you’re owed under the Florida overtime laws, then you should know that; In Florida, overtime pay is ‘time and a half.’ This means that it is calculated as one and half times the normal hourly payment. For example, if the normal wage is $15, then the overtime pay will be $10.

Understanding the Florida overtime laws is extremely important for you as an employee as it ensures you are not exploited.

The Fair Labor Standards Act – FLSA

The FLSA establishes a 40-hour week limit for employees. Any time worked above the 40-hour limit is considered overtime pay. This however doesn’t necessarily mean a Monday to Sunday kind of week.

A Broward County employment attorney can help you understand all this. In fact, a work week can start anytime during the week as long as it is a consistent 7-day, 24-hour long period.

Additionally, overtime doesn’t necessarily need to be paid out on weekends or during holidays unless the overtime worked was on those particular days. This means that a weekend can be part of the normal working hours.

If your employer pays you on a bi-weekly basis, then, they must keep track of 40 hours per week. They cannot average this time over a period of two weeks so as to reduce the overtime pay. That is not allowed.

In case of any pay-related issues, an employment attorney in Miami Dade County can help you with that.

Are There Exempt Employees?

Yes. There are employees who are exempt and do not qualify for overtime pay. The law follows federal regulations when it comes to defining this, and there are basically four main categories of these types of employees:

  • Professionals
  • Executives
  • Computer employees
  • Administrative staff

The best unemployment attorney in Florida understands the Florida Federal Law that was changed on January 1, 2020. This stipulated that any salaried employee who qualified for overtime pay must:

  • Be receiving less than $684 each week.
  • Be receiving less than $35,568 per year.
  • Be receiving less than $1,043 each week if you are in the motion picture industry.
  • Be making less than $107,432 each year if you are a highly compensated employee.

Non-Exempt Employees

The non-exempt employees are all those not included in the above list. A labor & employment lawyer in the Fort Lauderdale area will always keep track of all changes and inform their clients.

The Florida overtime laws also include any time worked above 10 hours a day. Those non-exempt employees must be aware that 10% is permitted to be docked when it comes to commissions and bonuses.

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